Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Being aware of the Dog Breed Japanese Spitz

With a sweet, fun and very friendly behavior, leaving the Japanese spitz terrier alone will have them bored. If so, they'll simply jump around or bark to entertain themselves. Adding to that, they may wander around the community to escape from boredom.
The great advantage of Japanese spitz breed is their very appealing look. What makes these dogs attractive regardless of their size which will just range around 33cm are their square body, wedge shaped face, very thick and pure white double coat, and deep chest as well. Nearly all pet lovers will never fail to notice and become captivated with its small prick ears, that stand up, which is triangular in shape and their pointed muzzle. Moreover, they also have a superbly eye-catching and long tail, which is heavily covered with long fur. Its neck is also covered with a ruff of longer fur. A good combination of dark eyes, black nose, and black feet pads and nails makes a good contrast for its white coat.
These sorts of dogs are naturally happy. This is literally true and you can prove it by just looking at them. This is somewhat considered to be a simple symbol of their friendly nature and qualities. These petite-sized dogs are huggable and cute that their master can simply place them on their lap as they have their afternoon nap. Japanese spits terrier are not just cheerful and amiable since sometimes they can be very active and vicious, and can be considered as great watch dogs. They are among the bravest dog breeds that you can count on since they are keen on showing love, fidelity, and care to their beloved masters.
The good thing about Japanese Spitz is that they'll never require a lot of time from their owners even though they are very fluffy. Though they must be appropriately groomed, they only require low maintenance. They're renowned for not having any doggy odor since they are extremely clean dogs. These dogs simply requires a bath for each and every two months. This should be done considering that excessive bathing and shampooing can damage their coat’s natural moisture.
If you're fascinated regarding owning a healthy dog for a pet, the Japanese Spitz is the right breed simply because they only have couple of hereditary issues. Yet, you've got to be mindful that they're allergic to long grass, can be easily stressed, and vulnerable to have dislocated kneecaps and runny eyes.
Though for certain that a Japanese spitz dog can stand the cold season, they rather stay inside the house along with their masters. In addition, this dog breed are happy-go-lucky, they have a tendency to reside in a surrounding where they play and freely move around.

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