Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Enjoy the Playful Nature of Havanese Dog

Havanese breeds can be connected to the Mediterranean’s Bichon dogs which are normally small in size. Well, probably not everyone knows regarding this but this specific breed of dog is the national dog of Cuba and became the symbol of higher class status and riches in the early 16th century. For households looking for a pet dog, Havanese is the perfect pet simply because they never leave their owners behind. In addition, they also know how to show their care to all of the members in the family. During the past, Havanese are considered as valuable presents presented by Spanish businessmen in the quest for catching the heart of Cuban females. Nonetheless, Havanese are now known globally.
Generally, the Havanese dog features is small and has a firm body. Its coat color usually depicts a solid white, black, cream, beige or gold. Its ears, when extended can get to halfway to its nose, while its tail is arched forward up. The height of this dog usually reaches 8.5 inches to 11.5 inches, and as for its weight, it reaches between 10-16 pounds. Furthermore, they are curious naturally. It is very playful and you can always make them glad by just giving them your attention. Since they are naturally fun and active, leaving them all alone in your home for the rest of the day is not recommended. So don’t be shock if you will return home with a great mess that welcomes you.
As such, Havanese dogs are part of the so called toy breeds. With their innate intelligence, training them won't be tough. Such breed of dog can put a smile to everyone’s face due to their playfulness. And when talking about dog training, one should train them from the beginning. So if you want to train your dog good manners, start training while they are still young, even so, they can still learn as they mature. Also, these dogs can develop an attachment to their owners that they are like your extra shadow. They will follow you where you go. On the other hand, these dogs are unsuitable for outdoor activities though they enjoy playing outside. Because their body is built small; you can simply take them at your backyard or play inside the house rather. You can also really feel their love and affection simply because they will actually show it. Additionally, these dogs will definitely show you how they feel inside, including the times exactly where you might behave in a different way.
When it comes to their health condition, nearly all of the Havenese dogs are naturally healthy. It seems that they are secured against illnesses. The lifespan of this dog breed gets to 14-16 years. As such, it can't be helped that your dog might acquire luxating patella, liver disease, heart disease, cataracts, and retinal dysplasia.
Don’t fail to remember that dog breed Havanese looks for attention. Therefore, it is necessary that owners know how to take better care of their pets. Good grooming must be implemented such as regular brushing and combing of their coat. It is also important to give your dog a shower three times each week. Don’t forget to clean their ears for they may acquire ear infections. Needless to say, pets have feelings. They'll show their owners love and affection if the owner themselves gives back the favor.

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