Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ideas and also Facts Concerning How to Look after Cocker Spaniels

Are you looking for a good pet that's not merely adorable but can be trusted with your home? If that's the case, then adopt or buy a cocker spaniel. This breed of dog is really adorable among the small breeds of dogs around. Cocker Spaniels are extremely great as running or even jogging buddies. For you to find out more concerning this cuddly and also lively pet, just read through.

Origin of Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniels are certainly well-known way back previously. Before, this dog is called the general spaniel-type dog breed; these days, it is separated into seven classes and they're: the English Springer, cocker spaniel, Clumber, Sussex, Welsh Springer, field as well as the Irish Water. Since the past years, this dog breed were employed for dry and wet areas hunting. They are quickly trained that’s precisely why they were perfect for difficult jobs such as hunting, retrieving and also tracking.

Cocker Spaniels size is medium however it possesses a solid compact body. They have an arch-shaped heads that appears flatten when seen side to side. Their noses are colored brown or black based on their coats. They have medium-sized eyes, which are formed in oval, and are colored dark brown or hazel in liver colored dogs. They have very low hanging ears that are connected to their silky and wavy hair. They have a weight of 28 - 34 lbs for males and also 26 - 32 lbs for females; and a height of 15-17 inches for males and also 14-16 inches for females. They have very long hair.
Cocker Spaniels are characterised as smart dogs that are as well cuddly but at times rough. These dogs are certainly loving to their owners and have a tendency to play always. These dogs can deal with children. If they're trained properly, they can be really respectful and they also bark in an average volume. They do an excellent job as friends as well as watchdogs. They are very sociable until that they could get along well with other people. Additionally they don’t reject the company of family cats. They are very sensitive to the tone of voice; if they know that they're stronger than their own owners with regards to mind strength, then they don’t pay attention well to requests, hence proper training is important.

Cocker Spaniels have hair that's long. And their hair tends to grow very long if left uncut. Bearing that in mind, you must be able to asses that these dogs requires daily combing and brushing to prevent matting as well as tangling. Because of their coat, they need regular bathe with complete shampooing. Check out their ears for any occurrence of grass seeds and infections; also remove wax build ups should there be any. What’s good about them is that they don’t shred too much.
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