Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Important Information Concerning a Chihuahua Dog that You Must Know

As small as it can be, Chihuahua is under the terrier breeds of dogs. These dogs originated in Mexico and are believed to be descendants of the Techichi dogs of Toltecs. There was only one person why Chihuahuas have been known by many and that man was none other than Christopher Columbus. Having such a colorful background, there is more about these minute, sweet, and comical dogs. The short coat Chihuahua and the long coat Chihuahua are the two kinds of such breed of dog. For more information about the Chihuahua breed of dog, reading this entire article will guide a lot.

Like any other terrier dogs, the dog Chihuahua has this cocky, confident, and feisty character. Their eccentric character is unmatched by any other breeds. Out of all the breeds of dogs, they are truly one of the most adorable. Actually, just looking how small they take their steps will entertain you. Their little size means they just have a small space and a little sum of food to consume. These dogs like to cuddle and be petted by their owners. Furthermore, these dogs have a peculiar behavior of inserting themselves beneath your blankets or pillows for them to sleep so owners should bear with this fact because sitting on them might be possible.

These dogs develop a solid bond with their owner or caretaker. Their relationship as pet and owner will always live as long as both of them are still living. These dogs are compassionate and tender indeed. Nonetheless, this isn't the case with regards to strangers. You might find some challenging times in calming them down. Actually, they may snarl and bark throughout your first get together. The adjustment will be depending on their phrases. So, before you set your hands to them, better try taming them first. Size can be deceiving oftentimes.

Regardless of their small frame, Chihuahuas could be a great watch dog. They will bark to strangers who enter your home. Additionally, Chihuahuas might not get along well with other breeds. Unbelievably true, they are not afraid even though they are up against other dogs that are way bigger than them. However, this isn't the case when they encounter dogs with their same breed.

Actually, Chihuahuas temper will greatly be based upon the owner’s care to them. With this, they need to be recognized and treated gently so that these little dogs will never snarl you. It is suggested for Chihuahuas to be owned by mature youngsters so that their limited temper will be managed well. Small children are thought to be clumsy so they might just drop these little dogs making their lives to be at risk. These dogs may bite after they listen to noisy voices and encounter unexpected movements. These dogs must be managed properly for them not to lose control of their temper. Furthermore, they only have minimal energy level causing them to be vulnerable enough for extended hours of walking and fetching game.

These dogs want reward-based training so it really requires time and patience for you to teach them properly. “Housebreaking” is one of the most difficult things you can teach to a Chihuahua. This problem comes up usually during wet or cold weather. Chihuahuas can shed even if they have short fur. Thus, there is no way they can be considered as hypoallergenic and light shedder too.
Chihuahuas are perfect for individuals who reside in a small area. It also a match for people who likes an adorable yet energetic pet. With gentle upbringing and right training, Chihuahuas can be an ideal family dog.

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