Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Best Things About Lowchen as a Pet

No books can tell how Lowchen started. Some theory advise that it’s the Toy Poodle’s founding breeds where it started in Germany, France and the rest of Northern Europe. Then again, one theory tells that it originated from the Mediterranean area, where it’s part of the Bichon breed. No matter what its breed, this dog is truly a friendly dog.
Its English translation of its German term is “Lion Dog”. In contrast to its ferocious name, these dogs only are lion-like just when it comes to appearance. It has this little, compact frame that is covered with lengthy yet soft fur. This well-known coat, if trimmed, will transform your dog to have a ‘lion-like” mane. Their body is comparatively short body but well proportioned while their head is wide. They have lovely, round eyes. They've got pendulant ears where it’s hard to see because it's coated with their coat and their nose is dark.
With regards to their temperament, they are quite warm and gentle. They are normally happy, bright, and can surely brighten up your home’s atmosphere. They are also easy going, wise and low key. They are friendly almost to everybody thus you can be sure that this little bundle of joy will bring cheer to the home. Then again, they can be shy to other people. Sensitive and loving, lowchen dogs usually desires affection and attention from their master. Furthermore, they tend to be obedient to their masters as gratifying them is something that they also want to do. Making certain that they socialized enough should be given consideration so they won't grow shy and suspicious. They are really trainable and very fast in picking up new tricks. If you'd like to prove all of these, you can allow your dog go through an obedient test. You will then surely be amazed with the high scores your pet could get.
More to that, they could be a good pet for children and adults alike. This dog can suit itself even though your household has other dogs before they arrive. When it comes to dealing with other pets, there will be no problems. They also tend to establish that sense of attachment to the one who takes good care of them. Lowchens could be cuddly however they can be tough and fearless sometimes. They are able to fight those who are threatening their family and property regardless of size differences. Usually, they resort to barking when there are intruders in your own home. This then make them a great choice for a watch dog.
The dog breed lowchen surely like activities. A few of the things they love carrying out daily are walking, jogging, and hiking. Spending spare time with you outside will definitely make your dog bouncing out of joy. As they explore things, you could find this inquisitive little clown funny to look at. Also, they usually chase little critters such as squirrels so better place them on leash. They could be problem barkers and also problem diggers sometimes so it's crucial that you put them on obedience training. It's not suggested to leave a Lowchen for an extended time. They might snap and be destructive is you let it happen. It is then not a good suggestion to just leave them outside or in a kennel.
They've got a long fur that's the reason why regular brushing might be necessary. Self care is also needed as shedding might happen and it is just through pet grooming that you can minimize it to a minimum. At some point of time, this breed almost dealt with extinction. The great thing is, folks have found ways to protect their breed. Nonetheless, this breed is still difficult to find.

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